4 to 6 Months

Voilà!! Your baby is mobile now. Best period to motivate your baby to reach an attractive toy or just you to help him practice his newly acquired roll over skill. Give a tight hug when your baby reaches you. Baby can play variety of games like passing the toys from one hand to another. Seeing own reflection in the mirror is certainly the favorite activity by now. Babies show readiness for solid food after being able to sit with or without support, usually at the age of 6 months.

Toys and other surrounding objects should be kept clean as everything goes in your sweetie’s mouth. Keep talking to your baby. You will listen new interesting sounds each coming day.

Physical growth / Movement

  • Rolls over in both front to back and back to front directions
  • Sits with or without support
  • Can support whole weight of body on legs
  • Rocks back and forth on stomach
  • Reaches parents and toys with one hand
  • Passes toys from one hand to another
  • Ready to start semi solid food

Social / Emotional skills

  • Knows people around in the house and differentiate them from strangers
  • Likes to play with parents, siblings and other known people
  • Feel happy when people around are happy, observe emotions and reciprocate feelings
  • Loves looking self in mirror

Vocal / Communication skills

  • Give response to sounds made by people
  • Joins vowels while babbling and says “ah,” “eh,” “oh”.
  • Expresses joy and anger by making sounds
  • Responds to parents when they call her name
  • May say other alphabetic sounds like “m or b”

Cognitive (learning, thinking and problem-solving) skills

  • Looks around at various things in the surroundings
  • Explores things and find the partially hidden toys
  • Bring things to mouth
  • Ready to take semi solids
  • Knows the art of passing things from one hand to other
  • Tries to get objects out of reach