3 to 4 Months

Babies are fun and their company gives an absolute delightful feeling now. Beautiful moments will keep overwhelming you. Baby looks adorable when he mirrors your mood and expressions with his cute face. Physically, baby has full control over head when he reaches the age of 4 months. Increased tummy time sessions will surely give the much-needed practice to the little achiever.

Stimulate your baby’s senses with colorful hanging toys on play mat and musical toys on play gym. Crying is not associated with only hunger and discomfort now. Moms are the best people to know the actual reason behind the tears. Keep showering your sugar bun with cuddles and kisses all day long.

Physical growth / Movement

  • Stay awake for longer times during the day
  • Sleeps through the night
  • Get full head control, no head support is needed now
  • Pushes up with the help of arms, when lying on stomach
  • Pushes down on legs when feet are touching a firm surface
  • May be able to come back to tummy up position from tummy down position on her own
  • Turns head in the direction of sound
  • Move hands trying to reach the toy
  • Can hold, shake and reach the hanging toys

Social / Emotional skills

  • Smiles at people
  • Playful and active
  • Cries when play stops
  • Smiles, frowns and laughs when others do so

Vocal / Communication skills

  • Babbles
  • Express joy or anger while babbling
  • Copies sounds
  • Cries to portray different emotions like hunger, pain, overwhelmed or just bored

Cognitive (learning, thinking and problem-solving) skills

  • Can express emotions like joy or sorrow
  • Responds to cuddles and kisses
  • Tries to reach her favorite toy with hands after seeing it
  • Can move the eyes from side to side following the moving objects
  • Concentrate on faces
  • Recognize familiar people and things at a distance