1 to 2 Months

Baby is becoming active and social with each passing week. Little one has explored his tiny hands and knows how to soothe him by sucking. Baby’s neck muscles are getting stronger. An urge to get a better view while lying on the tummy, prods the baby to lift the head higher for a longer time. Baby knows where the sound is coming from and can actually turn his head curiously, to know who is making it.

The best photo moment comes, when your sweetie actually flashes the real smile looking at you. All the sleepless nights feeding and changing the baby nappies seems worthwhile.

Physical growth / Movement

  • Can keep the head up for longer time when lying on tummy
  • Makes gentle movements with arms and legs
  • Stretches and kicks lying on back
  • Opens and shut hands
  • May grasp and shake toys

Social / Emotional skills

  • Respond to people by smiling
  • Can bring hands to mouth and suck properly
  • Can soothe self

Vocal / Communication skills

  • Tries to chat with parent by making sounds of grunts, gurgle, and coos

Cognitive (learning, thinking and problem-solving) skills

  • Turns head towards sound
  • Begins to observe things closely
  • Follow the moving things with eye movement from side to side
  • Recognize parent’s and caregiver’s voice and face
  • Act bored and cry if same activity is continued  for long time
  • Pays attention to faces