When do babies realize the reflection in mirror as their own?


Have you observed your little one looking at the mirror attached to the crib or wall continuously? As the baby grows, it becomes all the more interesting to watch her cooing, babbling and laughing while staring at her image. She seems to socialize with her reflection believing it, as another baby present on other side of mirror. Newborns do not fancy toys or objects as much as interesting faces. They like to observe facial expressions of mommy, daddy and people who are near them.

If you offer your baby a mirror to look at, she actually gets a permanent buddy to socialize. A simple unbreakable mirror attached to the side of crib or play mat will help your baby learn how to focus on a face and read emotions.

Baby feels motivated to coo and babble when sees someone responding in mirror. Tummy time sessions become all the more interesting for newborn in presence of mirror as she has her own charming friend for company.

Around 18 months, little one may recognize the friendly face she has been looking for months is nobody else but her. Self-awareness and recognition is an important cognitive milestone, which take some time to develop. Till then; talking, dancing, poking, pressing her head into the glass is a social activity or playtime, which your sweetie doesn’t want to miss. Looking at the mirror and talking will remain her favorite activity for some more time after this milestone.

If you are really restless to discover whether your baby has already hit this milestone, do a simple test, which is scientifically proved. Put a baby friendly color (may be turmeric) on baby’s cheek. If baby tries to touch her cheek to remove it, she sure knows that mirror is showing her own image. On the other hand, if she touches the mirror and  keeps playing normally, she still hasn’t reached the self–recognition milestone yet.