Measles Vaccine

Measles vaccines contain live attenuated viral strains, available either as monovalent, Measles vaccine or in combination, Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine or MeaslesMumpsRubella–Varicella (MMRV) vaccine. Infants are usually protected against Measles for 6-9 months after birth, by the passive immunity attained  through maternal antibodies. Measles vaccine is given to all infants >9 months of age and young children as a part of national immunization programs.

Recommended dosage of Measles vaccine:

  • Minimum age is 9 months/270 completed days for the routine dose of monovalent measles vaccine
  • The MMR first dose is given after 12 months of age ideally at 15 months, and can be given till 18 months
  • The MMR second dose is given at the minimum age of 4 years, and can be given till 6 years
  • All school children and adolescents who did not have natural infection, or received the vaccine earlier, should be immunized with 2 doses of MMR at 4 weeks minimum interval

Side effects of measles vaccine:

Mild reactions, like slight pain and tenderness at the site of injection, and mild fever may occur within 24 hours. Fever might peak to 39.4 °C, with a transient rash 7-12 days after vaccination, in rare cases. Febrile seizures can also accompany fever in extreme rare case.

Marketed Measles Products

Here is the list of WHO pre-qualified vaccine products available in market. Click on name of the product to know more.