Thank you Vaccinebox !!


I am a mother of a lovely daughter who is just going to turn 4 in august. My daughter, Isha has started her regular school this year and  I find some time for myself finally. I like to keep myself updated with the latest things on internet in my free time.  I came across Vaccinebox and thought it could have been better if something like this existed earlier, when my daughter was younger. I was hesitant to first register and then almost took a month to make up my mind to update all the details in her Immunization Schedule.

But  I am glad, I took all the efforts to decipher details of Isha’s vaccination chart given by her pediatrician. I don’t understand why doctors are in so much hurry to write such an important piece of information. While updating her chart provided by Vaccinebox, I realized that there were so many vaccinations which were given to  Isha much after their  due date. It always happened that we visited the doctor only when she got sick and never kept track of her vaccination chart. The intense feeling of guilt  crossed my mind. May be, Isha kept getting sick throughout the play school because of this. I wish somebody had guided us before.

Isha’s birthday is approaching and I am busy planning for her birthday, which is next week. Yesterday, a message came to my inbox saying, “ Isha messaging via Vaccinebox/ 3 vaccines due/Time for some pain(: “. This reminder had put an instant smile of satisfaction on my face. Now, there is somebody else, who is also keeping an eye on my daughter’s health and will not let me miss any further vaccinations.

Thanks a lot Vaccinebox 🙂

The author of this blog post is Ananya Deshmukh. Ananya is a Vaccinebox user and was kind enough to share her experience with Vaccinebox.