Rolling over (4-6 months)


Babies are very active small people.  By 4 months of age they start rolling over. This milestone is achieved right after getting full head control. Babies love to roll as by this, they get the ability to move for the first time. They can reach their favorite toy lying on their side and also come near to the lovely mommy.

During tummy time activities, babies use their arms to lift their head and shoulders from the floor spontaneously. Practicing this many times, give strength to baby’s neck and arm muscles, required to flip over. Some babies can actually flip from front to back as early as 3 months but, flipping in reverse direction, back to front comes only at 5-6 months. At 5 months, babies are able to rock on their stomach and also kick their legs and wave their arms freely. They are able to grab their foot with their hands.

Encourage your baby to roll over by attracting him to reach the toy which is placed far away towards his left or right, or just lie down, next to the baby and call him to hug you. An inactive baby will also get the interest to start rolling over soon.

After your baby has mastered this skill, it gets almost impossible to leave your baby unattended, at any elevated surface. Place one hand to hold the baby while changing diapers. It is advisable to put the baby sleeping on bedding or play-mat at floor rather than on the bed when you are not in the room. Babies can get serious injuries by falling from bed or changing table.

Some babies are too lethargic to roll over and directly start to sit and crawl. So, skipping this milestone is not a matter to worry. But, if your baby just like to lie on his back and is not at all interested in getting mobile  till 6 months, talk to your pediatrician. Always keep in mind that, premature babies take a little longer to reach milestones than the other same age babies.