Respected sir,
I am anindita staying in a remote area of west midnapur for my job.i vaccinate my baby on 1.5 month with hexaxim. Later i came to know that painful vaccine is more effective then i choose easy six of pancea biotech for his next two schedule.but recently one of the doc said that easy six is not a good vaccine as there is no clinical evidence of its efficacy and not recommended by WHO.iam really worried after hearing this,he is my first baby and dont know what to do.i thought i can write to you. Pls forgive me as i write you.but i am a new mother and worry a lot for my baby.i hope u understand.
Thanking you.
I will be very grateful if u give ur kind suggestion.sir pls help.
Thank you.


P.s.my babys 10 week vaccine schedule is postponed by two week and on 12 week is there will be any problem.?

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