My son is 3 month old. At 6th & 10th week he had Hexaxim, Rotateq & Prevenar 13.

For 14th week my doctor is suggesting me again Hexaxim. She says she don’t have Pentaxim vaccine in stock.

I had second opinion with another doctor. She suggest me Quadrovax, Prevenar 13 & Rotateq.

Now I got confused which vaccine to give for my son??  At 6th & 10th week he had painless vaccination. Now if I shift to painful will there be any health issues??

And another query is if I go for painful vaccination Quadrovax. It doesn’t cover IPV. So do i need to give my son separately IPV vaccine?. Suggest me IPV vaccine available in market and also can I give all ( Quadrovax, Prevenar 13, Rotateq & IPV)  vaccine in same day?