Dear Team,
Recently my baby have gone through Vaccination process of 6 weeks, wherein total 2 injections were given with one oral drop, provided vaccine is  Pentavac PFS which was very painful for my baby boy and over a night he was just crying due to fever and vaccine pain on two thais. 
Recently i came to Know that there is Painless and fever less vaccine is available in market and that is Pentaxim, helps child for painless Vaccination and and comparatively less fever then Pentavac vaccine. Obviously price of Pentaxim is more.
Now my question is, shall i go for Pentaxim on second scheduled Vaccination (14 weeks) ?  I am bit worried about go or not to go for painless vaccine, as first dose was given is pentavac & subsequent will be Pentaxim. Is there any side effects or problem involved in it,  if i will follow above process.
Please suggest…..

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