1.Name of son : Soumik Mistri(8+) years old at present. Date of Birth 19.10.2012

2. Date of vaccination hepatitis 1st dose : 07.12.2014 Biovac-A1(when his age was 2+years)

3.Date of vaccination hepatitis 2nd dose(after 6 month 1st week june 2015): Not taken

4. Again vaccination done for hapatitis :Biovac-A1 date 10.03.2021

The fact that after connection of child specialist Dr. Paramita Mondal and after going through the vaccination card Dr. Mondal again push the Biovac-A1 vaccine on 10.03.2021, which was earlier taken on 07.12.2014.when he was 2+ years old, Now he is 8+ years old.

My first question is 1> Whether there will be any problem after taking the same vaccine?

2>If there is any problem,what will be the problem the child will face in future?

3>whether the child may be push for 2nd dose of Biovac-A2?

4> Considering the above situation what to be done at present ?kindly advised me the best,So that I may procced for the betterment of my child.

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