Hello Sir/Madam,

I have recently vaccinated my child on her 14W schedule. She has been administered EasySix + Prevenar + Rotavac. My Question is,

  1. Since EasySix contains Hep B & Polio, my doctor said I don’t have to vaccinate her for the next coming vaccination of Hep B & Polio. But as per schedule she only has to take it when she is 6M (24W). But she has already taken it in her 14W. Will it cause any problems or reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine since she has taken it too early?
  2. Is there any issue if we switch between OPV and IPV? At birth she was given OPV (0 dose) and then she was administered IPV through EasySix thereafter. Now the OPV (1 dose) is coming up when she turns 6M. Should I continue administering OPV again since she was following IPV?


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