Now, my toddler’s age 17 months. I wish to vaccinate [A.] (DTP B1+ IPV B1+ Hib B1) & JE-2 in one visit at 17 months AND [B.] OPV Booster at 21/ 23 months (3 Primary doses of OPV given at 6, 10 and 14 weeks of age). I got puzzled with (DTP B1+ IPV B1+ Hib B1), JE-2 & OPV Booster.                      1.Please suggest/modify the schedule in a single visit/two visits, if required.

2. Is it mendatory to give IPV Booster and OPV Booster in one visit?

3. Any wrong, If there is any gap of 4/6 months between IPV Booster and OPV Booster?

4. Can JE-2 vaccine be given at 21/23 months (JE-1 was given at 9 months)?