Our Story

Vaccinebox is an idea which was born in the mind of an inquisitive parent who cared about his baby girl more than anybody in the world. Then, he shared his idea with a biotechnologist,  who is also a mother of two kids. She found his idea fascinating and very promising. She thought, It would bring a revolutionary change in the way  immunization is managed.

As a parent, we made sure that our child got every vaccine that was recommended. But even after more than 3 dozen pricks and spending good amount of money, we were not sure if our child is protected. We used to search over the internet before and after the vaccination, but couldn’t find one source that could answer all our questions.

As our kids grew and the frequency of immunization reduced, we started forgetting their vaccination due dates and missed some  important booster doses which actually work as a reminder to one’s immune system.  This made our children more prone to diseases and less immune.

Another thing which always crossed our mind, was the unavailability of our own immunization record. We just know that we were given BCG, because of a scar on the arm. We would never want our children to face the same situation. In today’s digital era, we want to ensure that our kids have access to their own immunization record, when they grow up. They might need it when they travel abroad for study or work.