Important tips to make your home safe, once your baby is on all fours


Babies have amazing curiosity and energy levels. It is of utmost importance to make their surroundings safe. Little ones are prone to get serious injuries when they are active and eager enough to try everything new. Keeping an active baby isolated in one room for safety purposes is simply out of the question. As parents, it is our duty to take precautions and secure everything in place and take away the potential hazardous things out of reach of small curious George. So, the moment your baby is mobile, look around your home from his/her point of view and start baby proofing.

Start from the place where your baby spends most of his/her time playing. That’s living room, right? Make sure all the electrical appliances are securely placed and they may be even anchored for extra protection. Babies try to climb over appliances and may topple the big objects over them, causing serious injury. Big furniture items should be moved closer to the wall to provide extra space for the novice mover. Little ones have special interest in poking their finger inside the sockets and pulling the naked chords of TV, Fridge etc. You may use outlet covers for switches and chord organizers for exposed chords to avoid the danger of electrocution.

Baby Safety Self-Closing Electrical Outlet Cover

Position the unstable tall floor lamps, behind the sofa set. Keep breakable vases and your favorite keepsakes out of reach in a locked cabinet to preserve them from breakage and save your baby from unseen risks of getting hurt. A clean, clutter free house looks incredibly awesome without the showy artifacts also. You have just bought a gorgeous glass coffee table but it has those deadly sharp edges!! Don’t change the table; instead cover it with corner guards to prevent injuries to your little honey bun.

Baby Safety Table Edge Corner Cushion Guard Strip Bumper Protector 

Chicco Corner Cover

Open kitchens are very common these days in apartments and houses. But you never know when your little explorer may run into trouble. It is quite a task to baby proof the entire kitchen. Try installing a safety gate to keep the kids out while you are cooking or even if no action is going on.

Expandable Metal Baby Safety Gate with Mounting Kit

Safety latches for drawers are also available in market now, to keep stuff out of reach.

Safety Lock for Cabinet

Baby Toddler Infant Safety Lock for Drawer Fridge Cabinet

Make a habit to keep the cleaners, detergents and other harsh chemicals used in everyday cleaning, high enough out of your toddler’s reach. Remember, they like to taste and touch everything new. Plastic and paper bags can also pose a suffocation risk when your baby tries to wear them on small heads. Store them away tidily. Sharp knives and scissors should always be out of sight from toddlers in your absence. Small appliances like toasters, mixer grinders and coffee makers should always be unplugged after use and placed inside the cabinet to avoid getting powered on by small ones and leading to serious injuries. Use refrigerator latches to avoid child’s exposure to cold wave and spilling of contents and heavy bowls over him.

Stock medicines, even vitamin supplements in a cabinet high enough for the young one to reach and keep it locked at all times. Mothballs and other pest poisons should be nowhere in sight of the young ones. Try to remove anything toxic or things, which may pose a risk of choking away from your baby. Keep a cabinet with toys and other harmless lightweight household items, accessible to the baby to distract him/her from “banned” area.

Survey the sleeping and changing area also again though you must have kept all the safety precautions in mind already. Soft, cuddly toys and pillows look extremely adorable in baby’s surroundings, but should be removed from the cot while baby is sleeping, as they may result in suffocating her. Remove the mobiles or hanging toys above the cot, once your baby can come to crawling position.

Don’t leave the crawling baby unattended on high beds and changing tables. You can keep a mattress on floor to be used as day bed and playing area.

Balconies having short railings with wide openings can pose a serious falling hazard from high-rise apartments. Install a plastic garden fencing or wired mesh above the railings to make them secure for little climbers. Use window guards to prevent falling out of them. Install safety gates in front of staircase to stop your crawling baby going up and down, alone. This is babies’ favorite activity once they are mobile.

If you have other kids or siblings who play with your baby, instruct them to avoid giving hard candies and small toys like marbles, blocks, buttons, craft items etc. to the baby. Innocence and ignorance can lead to serious mishap sometimes. Store toys in open boxes or boxes with light lids to avoid pinching of small fingers.

There can be many other things in your home, which may be dangerous for your child. Be vigilant and careful about them and give your baby an uninhibited and safe abode, where they can thrive and learn well.