DTP in toddlers

How often must the DTP vaccines be repeated?


How often must vaccines be repeated? I’m specifically curious about the DTP booster (includes immunity to whooping coughs).

Diptheria toxoid  combined with tetanus and pertussis vaccines (whooping cough disease) is called DTP  vaccine. DTP first booster is required at 16-24 months of age, followed by a second booster at  4-6 yrs of age. If DTwP causes reactions, DTaP can be considered for boosters. Tdap vaccine is required at 11-12 years of age to provide immunity to school going children. Tdap vaccine is a Tetanusdiptheria vaccine, along with acellular Pertussis meant for adolescents and adults.

If you miss the boosters at the recommended age, they can still be given

  • The 1st Booster dose can be given up to 4 years
  • 2nd Booster dose can be given before 7 years of age
  • Tdap can be given to 7-10 year old kids who are not fully immunized against pertussis
  • Tdap booster doses can be given up to 18 years

Boosters serve as a reminder to our immune system to fight against diseases and are equally important as the primary doses given to a newbornBooster doses are extra doses of vaccine given at an older age after administration of all the primary doses at an earlier age. It typically means exposing your body again to the disease causing antigen, in order to boost its memory to recognize the pathogen well in time in case of an infection. We can’t simply afford to miss the booster doses!!

Vaccine schedules are designed after rigorous research to provide maximum benefits in terms of immunity to children. They should be followed strictly to gain complete immunity.

Please go through the Immunization schedule

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