Ask qurestions about vaccinations

How many different vaccines can be given to an infant during one doctor visit?


Schedule mentions so many vaccines to be given at the same time during first year. Is it safe and does it work well?

Typically 6 different types of vaccines namely Rotavirus drops,  Inactivated Polio Virus (IPV), DTP, Hib, Hep B and Pneumococcal can be given in the same doctor’s visit to an infant. Different vaccine shots should be given at different sites or limbs. Combination vaccines are more popular as they reduce the number of pricks to the child.

A baby’s immune system is naturally exposed to many different kind of pathogens in environment on a daily basis. It is an absolutely safe and recommended practice to administer multiple vaccines together to provide optimum and early protection to infants from these pathogens and give them the best chance of survival. This approach saves parents’ time and also prove an economical option for them.