Growth spurt in Babies


Worn out? Are you feeding every next hour through day and night? Yeah. Must be feeling like a walking “mother dairy” for your baby.  Sometimes, the baby who is  always clinging and demanding more feed, makes you think, that you are not producing enough milk. An urge to start the bottle feed and chuck the breastfeeding altogether, must be boggling your mind. Control that urge!! Your baby is going through the growth spurt. More often the baby latches onto breasts, mother’s body gets the much required stimulation to produce more milk to keep up with his growing appetite. Baby must be waking a lot for feeding through the night. You need to relax, and take care of your diet and fluid intake. Adjust your routine with baby’s sleeptime. Sleep when your baby sleeps. Take help for other household chores and concentrate well on your baby.  Also, keep a count of baby’s wet diapers a day. If it is 5-6, and baby is looking chubbier, you are doing perfectly fine.

Baby’s weight almost triples from birth weight, by the time he turns one. Babies grow big in various short intense bursts, lasting only a couple of days. You realize several times in a year, that your baby has suddenly outgrown all his dresses and you need to go shopping for clothes again. Research says babies can grow as much as nine millimetres in length in just one day.

As much as you are feeling drained, your baby too is getting exhausted while growing.  Growing hormone called Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is produced in baby’s brain while he is sleeping. Some babies sleep excessively during this phase and it is not advisable to wake them up even for feeds, as this might hamper their growth. Baby will compensate his missed meal by having more ounces of milk during his next feed.

Growth spurts keep happening throughout the year. Initially, you can expect the spurts  between first and third weeks, then in between six and eight weeks. Later on, the spurts come at three, six and nine months followed by pleasant surprises given by your little bundle of joy.  He starts rolling, sitting, crawling, walking or even talking right after his speedy growth period. Both mind and body grows quickly during these spurts. Growth spurts continue to come in child’s life through his growing years from baby to toddler, to a young child to teenager.

And at all theses stages, a child need his parents’ love and reassurance, along with right nutrition and rest.

photo credits: Bigstock