Fully Immunize every child


mission indradhanush

As “Indradhanush” or rainbow brightens up the sky with its 7 colors, the campaign (Mission Indradhanush) to immunize children against seven vaccine preventable diseases looks promising in its quest to brighten young India with colors of good health.

Union Health Minister JP Nadda launched this mission on 25th December 2013 with an aim to immunize all the children in the country by year 2020 against diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, polio, tuberculosis, measles and hepatitis B. The immunization coverage of these basic vaccines is only 65% and this project aims to shoot this to 90% with 5% increment each year by 2020. Government will have to do concerted efforts with technical help from  WHO, Unicef and Rotary to regulate entire system concerning the availability of vaccines. Demand and supply chain of vaccines via regular surveillance  and cold storage management will have to be systematized to ensure that at least the basic mandatory vaccines reach every unvaccinated child in the country.

Children who do not receive all the recommended doses of vaccines timely, to complete their vaccination series are not fully immunized and thus, carry the similar amount of risk of getting the disease as does the completely unvaccinated child. This under-immunized status of large number of children in our country is attributed to lack of availability of vaccines and also the awareness among parents about the benefits of vaccines altogether and inability to follow the schedules properly due to lack of time. Our honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi has appealed to the parents to fully vaccinate their children. There are enough studies to endorse the efficacy of sending vaccination reminders to parents in increasing the immunization coverage of any country.

At Vaccinebox, we are doing our bit by spreading awareness about available vaccines against diseases and guiding parents in the stride of immunity in the crucial years of their child development. We send vaccination reminders to parents based on the personal immunization schedule specially tailored for their child. Vaccinebox believes in “Fully Immunize Every Child” and will contribute in every way to government’s project “Mission Indradhanush”.