Frequently asked questions by parents

Can I create vaccination chart for more than 1 child?

Yes, you can create chart for all your kids from a single account.

When will I get reminder?

You will get 3 reminders for every vaccination visit on your registered email address 5 days before, 1 day before and 2 days after the due date. You will also get SMS reminder 3 days prior to due date.

How much do I pay for this app?

This app is absolutely free for life. We will keep your vaccination charts safe for you to access anytime.

I have created the chart and got reminder, but as per the chart given by my doctor, vaccination is due after 1 week, why?

Vaccinebox follow the vaccination schedule published by Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP). All the doctors in India follow the same guidelines. The possible reasons that the due date does not match are

  • You have not updated actual vaccination date for the last visit. There has to be a minimum gap between vaccinations. So, if a vaccination was delayed by few days, it might result in the rescheduling of future vaccination due dates. When you update the actual date in vaccinebox, we recalculate the due dates for all future vaccinations
  • Your doctor has adjusted few days as per their availability

How do I update the vaccination date?

Go to your vaccination chart and click on the vaccine that was given. You will see “Edit Chart” screen. You can enter the “Actual Date” and “Product”. Product is the brand name of the vaccine that was given.

In case the chart was created by your doctor or if you assigned the doctor to the chart, you will not be able to update. Only your doctor can update the chart.

How do I know what brand was given and why is that important?

Your doctor would usually paste the sticker of the vaccine product that was given, on the chart. The sticker has the brand name of the product. It is important to know the brand name, as same vaccine from different brands do have some variations in terms of content and dosage. Usually, same brand is used for future doses of a vaccine.

Can you tell me the cost of vaccination?

Cost of vaccination depends on the vaccine brand used. To know more about different brand names of a vaccine, their specifications, price and dosage, please follow the following steps

  1. Go to the vaccination chart of your child from Home screen
  2. Click on a vaccine record to go to “Edit Chart” screen
  3. On “Edit Chart” screen, click on the vaccine name to read all the details about the vaccine and available brands with prices

Why do I need to give so many vaccines to my child?

Vaccination is the best form of prevention. Our vaccination schedule lists all possible vaccines that can be given to a child born in India as per WHO guidelines. Always discuss with your doctor on what vaccines are needed for your child.

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