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Does my baby need an additional Hep B dose at 6 months after previous doses of combination vaccines?


My baby had hexaxim at 6 week followed by pentavac pfs at 10weeks and  14 weeks. Should I still take her for HepB vaccine for the 6th month dosage?

Hepatitis B vaccination is recommended as 3 doses only. Timeline of the doses depends on the type of vaccine used. If it is a monovalent vaccine with only Hepatitis in it, Birth dose followed by a 2nd dose at 6 weeks and 3rd dose at 6 months of age (2nd and 3rd dose can be monovalent/pentavalent).

Alternatively as in your baby’s case, where the combination (pentavalent-pentavac pfs and hexavalent-hexaxim) vaccine including Hep B is chosen to be given, 3 primary doses of combination vaccine, is given at 6, 10 and 14 weeks after birth dose (monovalent).

Further vaccination is not required for Hepatitis B as the immune response of baby is primed already with the given doses. For details see footnotes of

Immunization Schedule 2017