0 to 1 Month newborn

Newborn babies take sometime to adjust with the transitional phase from living in the soothing closed environment of mother’s womb to the outer noisy world. They are sleepyhead little people who wake up only, when they are very hungry or get uncomfortable with wet nappies.

Umbilical cord care, changing nappies and establishing breastfeeding routine are the main concerns for first 2 weeks after birth. First growth spurt is observed towards the end of 2nd week. Your baby will look adorable with chubby cheeks.

Around 4th week, you can expect your baby calling you with lovely coos and grunts. Baby is also ready for the supervised tummy time now and can surprise you by lifting her head for fraction of seconds. Lots of love and interaction with the baby will let her master new skills.

Physical growth / Movement

  • Average weight gain of 900 grams at the mean rate of 20-30 grams per day
  • Up to 5 cm increase in length
  • Around 15 inch growth of head circumference
  • Can stretch arms and legs and also bend back sometimes
  • Legs and feet continue to rotate inwards
  • Can lift head for a few seconds
  • Ready for supervised tummy time

Social / Emotional skills

  • Get comfort by sucking hands and toes
  • Smile when passing gas or urine, falling asleep or just feeling comfortable and satisfied after feed
  • May smile in response to parent

Vocal / Communication skills

  • Starts cooing and making gurgling sounds to attract parents
  • Hiccups regularly
  • Sneezes often

Cognitive (learning, thinking and problem-solving) skills

  • Startle at sudden loud sounds
  • May get familiar with the faces of parents
  • Keep staring at ceiling fans, other things at distance and people
  • May turn head in the direction of approaching sound
  • Become irritated and start crying to grab attention