Flu vaccine update 2017-18

Influenza vaccine composition needs to be changed each year after evaluating the genetic composition of circulating Influenza virus strains at that time. Influenza viruses continuously evolve and vaccine needs to be “smarter” each year to provide effective immunity against flu. WHO recommends the revised ingredients of the Influenza virus vaccine each year, based on the … Read more

Tips to minimize the risk of having an Autism affected child

It is the biggest blessing for a mother to give birth to a healthy baby. Life becomes upside down when parents discover that their young one is suffering from Autism. Pregnancy is the most important journey, which if completed with certain cautions can help avoid such a mishap in parents’ life. So, what exactly is … Read more

Stop!!Think hard before giving antibiotics to your child.

I know when your child has a real bad cold, it seems quite comforting to give that magic dose of antibiotic and wave a goodbye to sick days as soon as possible. But wait and ponder!! Think hard before giving antibiotics to your child. Read about some important concerns before starting the antibiotics for kids. … Read more