App – Subscription Plans

Free Plan

Your Vaccinebox account is free for lifetime and gives you access to following features:

  • Unlimited patients
  • SMS and email reminders for vaccination to patients
  • Patient Summary and access to patient details
  • Vaccine Demand Forecast

Paid Plan

Paid plan gives you access to following features in addition to the features in Free Plan

  • Stock Management: Add your vaccine purchases in the app and the stock is automatically managed when you vaccinate a patient
  • Smart Vaccination: Just tap on the “Vaccinate” button for a patient and vaccinebox app automatically recommends the brands to administer. Our algorithm takes into account your stock, patient vaccination history, your preferences and brand guidelines
  • Low stock reminders based on your vaccine stock
  • Expiration date alerts for your stock
  • Monthly vaccination report for vaccination done in a month by vaccine and brand

Payment options




Rs. 399

Quarterly (10% off)

Rs. 1077

Half Yearly (25% off)

Rs. 1796

Annually (50% off)

Rs. 2394

*All discounts are applicable only for the first payment. Renewals will happen at the regular price.

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