App – Patients

My Patients

My Patients screen lists all the patients in ascending order of age.


  1. You can search a patient in this list by name or mobile numbers using the search box
  2. Table lists all the patients registered by you and matching the search criteria that you have entered
  3. You can click on any row to access the chart for that child
  4. If you do not find a patient in this list, you can create a new chart by clicking “Create Chart” button

Vaccination Visits

Vaccination Visits screen can be accessed either by clicking on the numbers on dashboard or by clicking the “Vaccination Visits” link under the menu bar on top right corner.

The table shows the list of patients with name, mobile number and vaccines due, sorted by the due date. The list is auto-filtered based on the number you clicked on the dashboard.

You can change the filters using the 2 options provided on the top. You can type in a keyword i.e name, mobile number or vaccine name and click on the search icon to filter the list. Or, you can change the duration using the dropdown list and click on the search icon. You can also use both the filter options at the same time.

You can click on the name of child to access vaccination chart of that patient.