App – Dashboard

Once you login, you will see a personalized dashboard.


  1. The search box on the top is the starting point for accessing an existing patient chart or creating a new one.
  2. The number in orange color is the total number of charts that you have created. You can click on this number to view the list of all patients
  3. Patient Visit Summary shows the number of patients due for vaccination today, in next 7 days, and next 30 days.  Please note that these are the number of visits and not the patients. So for example, a patient is due for vaccination twice in next 30 days, then it will counted twice here. You can click on these numbers in the orange boxes to see the list of patients.
  4. The table in the bottom of screen gives you the forecast of vaccine stock required in next 7 and 30 days based on the patient charts you have created. You can click on any of the numbers in the table to see the list of patients.

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