Delay in administration of vaccines at 6 week

It is OK to delay the vaccination by 1 week in case of unavailability of vaccines or other personal reasons. OPV is not at all recommended now for primary vaccination according to latest and revised vaccination schedule 2019. See footnotes of schedule. Injectable Polio vaccine has to be given now for all primary doses.  

Hexaxim to pentavac

Hexaxim can be changed to Quadrovax for future doses. Quadrovax has all the required antigens like DTP and Hib. This is good for the booster doses at 16-18 month of age and 4-6 years of age. Also, give Oral Polio drops at 4 years along with it.

Fever after vaccination

Yes, over the counter paracetamol drops like crocin and calpol can be given to babies to reduce fever and pain associated with vaccination.

Repeated dose

Dear Parent, Your question is not clear. Please send the pic of your baby’s vaccination schedule for our reference. Clearly write which vaccine brands were given on which month visit. We will be glad to help you.  

BCG vaccine

BCG vaccination should be delayed in case of preterm babies. Once, your baby reach gestational age of 34 weeks, vaccine can be given.

Painless vs Painful Vaccination

Painful vaccination is just a misnomer for regular DTwP antigen containing combination vaccines. They only hurt a little and cause some fever,  which can be easily managed with the OTC paracetamol drugs. Painless doesn’t hurt and gives no fever but provides inferior immunity as the vaccinee gains immunity from the disease but is still a … Read morePainless vs Painful Vaccination